FictionBoard - Virtual tabletop and storytelling platform

Tell stories together! The goal, a VTT with focus on storytelling and immersion rather than wargaming.

First preview from FictionBoard, charactersheets
At the center of any story, the character.

Character sheets for many of Year Zero Engine based games by Free League Publishing can be preview already.

The templates for the sheets are all written in text and rendered as simple HTML which makes them easy to style. The JSON they output can easily be used with Discord or similar. Export and import is done through Markdown which is a text format you can read and write in many editors.

Other game entities where you need some kind of sheet is meant to be templated much the same way as character sheets.

Slide deck, a proof of concept created for the Vaesen game

The slide deck represents tons of opportunities for creative storytellers. Create a cut scene, introduce a scene or NPC just by typing a few lines of text.

The slide decks are built the same way as character sheets - regular text with some automagic added. Just structure your text with headers and FictionBoard creates a beautifull deck. The magic with FictionBoard decks is that when we've put the modules together they can be written to interact with game entities and trigger macros.