About FictionBoard

Originally a hobby project, the stars finally aligned so that FictionBoard could start grow again. With Covid and a new release of a framework called Svelte providing the needed tech, I suddenly found I had both the time and toolbox to realise concepts that seemed undoable a few years ago.

The goals for FictionBoard

For storytellers

With FictionBoard I want to give players and gamemasters a platform and toolbox that gives other storytelling tools than your regular virtual tabletop.

Fog of war and dynamic lightning might make for good immersion when you play classic dungeon crawls but when leaning towards free form and improvization I believe the tabletop analogy comes out a bit short.

For me, a virtual tabletop for storytellers is fast, can turn two lines of text into a visual and dramatic pause and let you zoom in on an amazing handout improvised by the GM seconds before.

For online games

With FictionBoard I want to explore how classic methods of online storytelling can be improved to better fit an online tabletop roleplaying experience.

The pen (or keyboard) is mightier than..

Even though online storytelling is done through video and voice, the written word is still the foundation for so many of the stories we tell. With FictionBoard I explore how we can tur game content into playable game enteties usable in virtual tabletops.

A VTT made in Sweden

Which means focus on a totally different flora of games! And of course a high focus on privacy!