Character sheets for your tabletop RPG

Fillable and responsive character sheets for Alien RPG, Tales from the Loop, Vaesen and many other favourite RPGs. The sheets are written in plain text which transforms automagically to awesome sheets.

First out is a run of character sheets for Free League Publishing Year Zero Engine games. The main reason for doing them is.. well, it's the games I play the most. They are also quite simple and a perfect match when I develop methods for theming, tune the syntax and develop the magic behind the character sheet builder.

Questions and answers

Alien RPG

HR Giger and Riddley Scotts awesome masterpiece as a tabletop RPG! Here's my take on the sheet.

Preview Alien RPG character sheet

Tales from the loop

Tales from the loop is my favorite game of all times. Being a kid myself in the eighties I love exploring the what ifs that I never dared or never got the chance to experience.

Preview Tales from the loop character sheet

Things from the flood

If you loved Tales from the loop, see your character become a teenager in the follow up - Things from the Flood

Preview Things from the flood character sheet

Mutant Year Zero character sheet

One of my absolute favourite games. Had the pleasure to spend around two years in the wastelands of a post apocalyptic Sweden.

Preview of Mutant Year Zero character sheet

Coriolis character sheet

I've spent a couple of exciting years in the Coriolis universe. Nothing beats a warm chai on a hanging terrace overlooking a busy spaceport.

Preview of the Coriolis character sheet

Vaesen character sheet

I haven't gotten around to test this yet but I'm eager to play it.

Preview of the Vaesen character sheet

Forbidden Lands character sheet

I actually played this with my kids. An instant hit!

Preview of the Vaesen character sheet

For demo purpose data is stored locally in your browser and you may only keep on character sheet per system. This will change as we get server infrastructure and database in place.

What's next for the character sheets?

  • Fix styling issues with current sheets
  • Add missing Year Zero sheets (Mutant Year Zero variants, Twilight 2000, The One Ring?)
  • Add option to save more than one sheet
  • Import/Export