Innergnome Workshop

Anders Olsen

portrait photo of Anders

Currently the one man show creating FictionBoard. Anders is a UX and interaction designer with a past as system architect and frontend developer. He's been keeping his skills sharp by coding on FictionBoard for the past 10 years (Yes, it should have been done by now..)

He started roleplaying at age 13 with MERPS and DnD, continued on to Rolemaster and AD&D before getting hooked on Cyberpunk 2020.

Nowdays he prefers simple rule systems and low prep games with so he can make the most out of the few hours he gets for gaming. If combat is involved it should be fast and dramatic.

As a gamemaster he loves improvising within a well prepared sandbox. A session with him usually includes a bunch of convincing handouts, hand drawn maps and thrilling soundtracks. He loves props and gimmicks.

"A game is not complete without home made character sheets"

Latest purchase for a RPG session (Besides his Kickstarter addiction) - A ghetto blaster and an FM transmitter for his phone.


I'm looking for a partner who will sacrifice family, friends and most of her/his spare time for FictionBoard. You will work late nights and not get paid until we do a successfull Kickstarter or otherwise stumble upon a hoard of gold (I'm not into sacking and looting). If you can live with that, is a skilled programmer that do a little of everything and has passion for storytelling, feel free to DM me on twitter @innergnome) or join the FictionBoard Discord server