FictionBoard previews

The previews are meant as demos on how FictionBoard will work and a way to test the experience before adding multiplayer capabilities and setting up infrastructure.

Character sheets

First out is fillable and responsive character sheets! What's a roleplaying game without a good sheet? Watch the video to see how they are created.

Our sheets

First out is a run of character sheets for Free League Publishing

Alien RPG Preview Alien RPG character sheet

Tales from the loop Preview Tales from the loop character sheet

Mutant Year Zero Preview Mutant Year Zero character sheet

Coriolis Preview of the Coriolis character sheet

Vaesen Preview of the Vaesen character sheet

Forbidden Lands Preview of the Vaesen character sheet

Things from the flood Preview of the Things from the flood character sheet

For demo purpose data is stored locally in your browser and you may only keep on character sheet per system. This will change as we get server infrastructure and database in place.


Decks is the power tool you didn't know you needed. Create an intro, outro, a cut scene or introduce a character. Think powerpoint for storytellers. You can also interactive with game entities directly from the deck.

The decks are written in plain text (Markdown in development) and converted to slides. The goal is that slides can contain actions, trigger macros and link to scenes so that they can be reused by anyone playing the same game system.

Video of a deck created for the Vaesen game to show possible uses

What's next?

I just started work on the handout module as well as the "wiki" part.